BRAVADE is especially focused on renaissance recorders, an active and illustrious recorder quartet. The quartet begun as a group in 2004. The Bravade musicians have studied early styles of music at the Sibelius Academy and Stadia, at music universitys in Germany and the Netherlands and also on many master courses. As a quartet Bravade has studied with, among others, the world-famous Flanders Recorder Quartet's founding member Han Toll and been conducted by professor Peter Holtslag.


Bravade's aim is to introduce the broad spectrum of recorder music to its audience and bring forth the colours and possibilities of its beautiful instruments. The Quartet's rich and versatile program contains music from the Middle Ages up to the present day. An important part of what Bravade is is cooperation between other musicians and contemporary composers. Bravade has performed together with, e.g. the soprano Tuuli Lindeberg, sopranista Pasi Hyökki, alto Teppo Lampela, harpsichordist Petteri Pitko, organist Markku Mäkinen and horn quartet The Golden Horns.


Bravade has given concerts in Japan, Norway and the Netherlands and in addition widely in its native country's music festivals ao. Helsinki Festival, concert series, churches and concert halls. Bravade is also active in the field of children's culture: the theatrical Absentminded composer and his friends has been played well over four hundred times. In addition to their debut album Reflections of the Past and Present, Bravade can also be listened to on the Oulainen Youth Choir's Virsiä album (Alba Records). Bravade performs also in the sound track of Onneli and Anneli, a children's movie directed by Saara Cantell, to which Anna-Mari Kähärä composed the music.

The Finnish Culture Foundation, Svenska Kulturfonden and Kone foundation have supported Bravade’s activities in the arts as well as their work in children’s culture.